Anna Nyembo

Anna Nyembo

Ariana Grande One Last Time Cover by Anna Nyembo

I had done a cover of One Last Time before. But I did not add the beat, I spent a lot of time and I know it is not perfect. But I hope you like it, I did not manage to do it perfect. Because the buffer in Nuendo became very noisy. I hope you […]

Anna Nyembo – When I look at you

I saw that many of you liked the cover I had made, which is why I had taken it up again and put the instrument on it. I really hope you like it. I’m just a beginner when it comes to producing, but I’m trying to improve my work.

Anna Nyembo – Halsey New Americana (cover)

I really love Halsey’s music, that’s why i wanted to make this cover. I really hope you like it because i worked for days to make it sounds good, and if i sad some words not correct sorry for that it because my English isn’t that great. Instagram: Twitter: The beat is form […]