Adele – Make you feel my love (me singing)

It didn’t turn out so great. There wasn’t time to practise to sing well..So I’ve mixed up the lyrics a bit:sSo here is my vid, my ’version’;p, ’Make you feel my love’ acoustic.

Andy Williams – Can’t take my eyes off you (me singing)

Me singing at my parents 25years marriage party.. this is my parents song and they requested if I would sing this specially for them to open the party

Meredith Brooks – Bitch me singing

This was a very fun song to sing!The movie clips are made in England.I filmed the band in Portobello road, for example.I really enjoyed making this vid.Hopefully you enjoy this vid too!

Hallelujah improvisation

We didn’t practice, not even one time. The day before the show I’ve heard I had to sing this song with my teacher and classmate:SSo, we didn’t know the lyrics very well, but we did knew the melody very well:)

Bette Midler – The Rose me singing

I’ve been creative today ^.^I recorded the song the rose yesterdag and made the vid todat. Most people think the rose is a sad song, but not any clip in this vid is sad.All the clips are my past; a wonderful friendship, I dated with a guy and a love.The idea behind this vid is […]