Paul Bridges – Ramblin’ Round

I’ve been rambling for years now
I’ve been rambling since I was born

You won’t see me sticking round
In one place for too long

I roam from town to town
I roam from sight to sight

Well I’ve been travelling for years now
I’ll always be somewhere rambling about

I tried the crazy chaos life
But time couldn’t keep me tight

I’ve always felt there was more then this
But I’ve always seem to doubt

But ever since I was a little boy
I always wanted to go out

I’ve been travelling for some many years now
I’ll always be somewhere rambling about

I’m looking forward not looking back now
No better way for an eye to see

I won’t dwell no city at night
I only dwell the country moonlight

I may come down crawling
But I’ll still be moving on

And ain’t no one gonna keep me down
Cause I’ll keep ramblin round

(Bekeken 23 keer, 1 bezoeken vandaag!)

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