O.G. – Let It Rain

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//Verse 1//
How did you
manage to stay so strong?
closed down like
it was never there
it’s all gone

you looked in my eyes
when i asked you if it’s all for real
staring your eyes
when you said those words
it felt like a curse

do you remember those letters
that you once wrote
it has no meaning
cause after you left
my heart froze

i will forever hold my heart cold
and i know you will act the same
but what will happen when it rains?


it’s the drops
that will spread
when you stop
and if stare
that no-one can replace
the love that i gave

Let it rain
let it rain
so i know that your heart will strain
let it rain
let it rain
knowing that rain makes you feel this pain

//Verse 2//
now i heard
that your doing all too well
but do they know
what you feel inside your shell

cause i know that your emotions are all closed
and i know that someday you will struggle the most

if only we survided this hurricane
meaning that forever you would stay
if only i could protect you from this rain
cause the meaning will forever stay


when the drops
will spread
if you stop
and if stare
that no-one can replace
the love that i gave

//Chorus// (2x)

//verse 3//
i know that you try
try to forget the past
did you succeed
if so it won’t forever last

eventhough i tried
fixing what seemed right
but the fire died
our world collide

act like you don’t care this fact
when it rains it will come back

//Chorus// (2x)

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